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I came home to a mess

YouCaring, FIverr and how I’m trying to pay for tuition #money #lehigh #journalism

My summer in Italy was wonderful. It had its shortcomings and bad days, but it was overall amazing. Lehigh (more specifically, Lee Iacocca) paid for everything. Airfare, food and housing. Thousands of dollars went into sending me to Italy as a full-time intern, and I barely spent anything.

However, I got home to find that Lehigh took away $5000 of my financial aid. My family is in a hard place…

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Lehigh University's Broke Journalist

Hey guys, please donate to help me graduate from Lehigh! Every penny counts. The link and my personal website have my whole story and a link to all of my work as an award-winning Journalist and overseas intern!

I just started this today out of desperation and I would love even a penny to show someone cares. 

—Jackie, TechSciNews. :)

From Italy to San Diego in 21 hours

From Italy to San Diego in 21 hours. I’m home! #italy #sandiego #travel

Well, the 17th has come and gone and I woke up in San Diego this morning!

After going from Milan to New York to San Diego, I’m finally home with my family. I can make fruit smoothies, hang out with my dog, eat burritos and burgers and bask in the California sunshine… for a few weeks. In five days I head to San Diego Comic Con, then a week after that I’m off to drive across the country to move…

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Track Anything with this Ticker


imageImage via Kickstarter

LaMetric might look like a clock but it’s oh-so-much more. This pixelated gadget is an internet-connected customizable ticker that tracks just about anything you want when you want it.

The corresponding app lets you hook up your email, calendar, Twitter, RSS, home automation devices, and more. For example, LaMetric can check the weather just after you wake up so you’re never caught in the rain again. It can notify you when an important email comes through or when it’s time to head to a meeting. It can tell you when you’re mentioned on Twitter, track your website visitors, and count your Facebook fans. An array of pixelated animations and sounds help you decipher which notification means what.

While it has plenty of personal uses, it’s a useful gadget for any business owner. Back it on Kickstarter now. 

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Brescia and Verona - Italian Paradise

Brescia and Verona - Italian Paradise! #brescia #verona #milan #studyabroad #italy #italia

Today is the first weekday that I haven’t had work since getting to Italy. I celebrated by buying last minute train tickets to Brescia and Verona, which was $90 extremely well spent.

Brescia is one of my favorite places in the world now, I believe. I had no plans when I stepped off the train, having done no research past “Brescia is not often visited by tourists and has a medieval history.” So,…

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Motorola Moto X+1 leaks, apparently running stock Android L [Video]

Motorola is apparently working on a few new Android handsets including phablet-sized devices, a couple of new videos posted on TK Tech News reveal. The publication has supposedly gotten in touch with a person who’s actually using such a device, which doesn’t have a commercial name yet, but which appears to be running Android L or some sort of Android L-like launcher on top of stock Android.

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On-Demand Delivery from Anywhere


imageImage via Facebook

No need to ever leave your house again. If you live in a major U.S. city, Postmates can hook you up with whatever you need just about whenever you need it. This delivery service is not just about food – though they can deliver dishes from places that usually don’t. Postmates will shop for you and hook you up with a courier who can buy an ink cartridge at the local Staples, or grab your dry cleaning, or even pick up your kid (just kidding).

All deliveries can be expected in under an hour and rates start at just $5, depending on where you live. Money is exchanged through the app so you don’t have to worry about having cash on hand. The app also lets you track your courier’s progress so you can keep an eye on your request. P.S. I’d start following their Facebook and blog now because they often have limited time giveaways like free donuts and free beer. WUT. 

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MindRDR - Brain Machine Interface connected with Google Glass

As exciting as this is:

MindRDR is a new free open source application which bridges the Neurosky EEG biosensor and Google Glass. It allows users to take photos and share them on Twitter and Facebook by simply using brainwaves alone. MindRDR was developed by London-based user experience company This Place.

I can’t fight the thought, that this is the result of an equivalent of the design process of The Homer.

Next step for the uberfuturegizmo: Add a drone with a depth sensor that records a thought controlled 3D image of yourself, which is instantly printed in your own mood-color on a wireless connected 3D-Printer.

[MindRDR] [h/t to Jeroen]

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